I have added a IF PanAdapter output on my FTDX-1200. The IF frequency of the FTDX-1200 is 40.455 Mhz.

To tap the IF signal, I implemented a G4HUP PAT board (Panoramic Adaptor Tap Board) : the board is to buy at  https://sdr-kits.net/Panoramic-Adaptor-Tap-Boards  . The board type is the model  PAT50M see the list here :  It is better and safer to use a PAT board, direct tapping the IF offer no protection.

I ordered the PAT board here : https://sdr-kits.net/PAT-Board-50MHz

and the mounting cables and connectors here : https://sdr-kits.net/GSIK


First locate the IF Tap point on the FTDX-1200 :

schema tap point


Board location :

if tap point


The PAT board needs also a DC supply, the DC tap point can be found here :

dc tap point



















PAT board :

















The first part of the work is to install the SMA IF Output Connector to a convenient place :



 Locate now the IF Tap Point on the board :




 The DC tap point is found here:

FTDX1200 DC tap point